Carolyn Chong

I am a Product Manager.

I lived in Hamilton.

I moved to San Francisco.

I now live in Montréal.

I have four delightful brothers and a beloved basset hound named Bramble.

I love smiles on kids learning to code.

I learned a bit about life from at-risk youth in the Canadian outdoors.

I rowed varsity in university. Now I climb rocks.

I did a liberal arts degree because learning is a lot of fun.

I did a second major in Computer Science because programming is also fun.

I wrote code, then led Product at, and we got into 500 Startups.

I wrote some paragraphs for them, too.

I was a Product Owner at Element AI and worked with some really smart folks.

I built natural language search products at Obie and Element. They're cool companies.

I have had the pleasure of speaking at some neat conferences and panels.

I am now working with Cerence to help innovate in the voice assistants space.

I am obsessed with words and the power of conversational interfaces.

I believe there is no problem that empathy cannot solve.

I am on LinkedIn if you're into that sort of thing.

I can also be found petting your dog.